Stone Hollow Brewing Company

Then And Now


Like most businesses, Stone Hollow Brewing Company started as a concept without a name.  A series of fortunate events led a group of like-minded inviduals to partner in its creation.  It began when Todd and Soni Hydo purchased a run-down historical building in Beatrice, Nebraska, referred to as the Mercantile Building.  It was built in the 1880s and is located on the southeast corner of the intersection of 3rd and Court Street.  Their ambition was to preserve the building’s history and turn it into a place where multiple businesses could operate and bring something new to the community.  They were not sure what type of businesses they would attract, but in the midst of the craft beer “buzz”, they were confronted by city councilman Rick Clabaugh with the concep of starting a brewery.  Rick believed that the city of Beatrice would benefit from housing a locally operated brewery to serve as a pillar of the community by attracting tourists, hosting events and bringing the community together in one space.  Already enthusiasts of craft beer, the Hydos had already considered that option and were eager to get started.

Tasked with finding a head brewer, they began asking around.  They eventually were put in contact with a home brewer and National beer judge, Bryon Belding, residing in Lincoln, Nebraska.  At that time, they didn’t realize that Bryon was actually born and raised in their home town of Beatrice, Nebraska.  Coming from a fairly small town, they all knew each other within 1 degree of seperation.  Furthermore, Bryon had been making plans and efforts to open a brewery of his own.

Tasked with being a brewer and an operations manager, Bryon knew that this was not a one person job.  He quickly reached out to the best home brewers that he knew, Jim Anciaux and Clint Bruhn.  They were both highly decorated brewers with a reputation of making terrific beer.  They had earned that title many times over.  Jim and Bryon had already been planning  a brewery and Clint had ambition to one day do the same.  With their own unique set of skills, they agreed that they could combine their talents to create some of the finest craft beer around.  Under this partnership, Stone Hollow Brewing Company, LLC was born.

The namesake behind Stone Hollowing Brewing Company can only be seen from the tap house.  The integrity of the 1880s Mercantile building is preserved throughout the property with the original beams and original masonry showcased in the taproom.  A cut out section of the floor overlooks the brewery surrounded by limestone walls almost reminiscent of a cave or “hollow” if you will.  Even the table tops were made from recycled crates dating back to the early to mid 1900s that were discovered in the basement, originating from a railroad that is no longer in existence.

Stone Hollow Brewing Company plans to produce beer, hard cider and soda on-site.  They will be distributing to neighboring bars and restaurants in the surrounding areas with hopes to expand that demographic in years to come.  By visiting Stone Hollow Brewing Company, patrons can get a glimpse of history while sampling some of the most adventurous beverages in the country.  Whether you are a purist or a thrill-seeker looking to find a drink that is completely unique, Stone Hollow has something for every palatte.